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SM Ent Loses More Than $60 Million In Just 2 Days After Dropping Jessica, Will they Bounce back This Time? See What people are saying…



After dropping Jessica from SNSD, SM has lost more than $60 Million dollars so far in just a few days. Many netizens are saying, they may have been able to recover in the past, but they have now hit every single one of their groups, except SHINee.

"…They will milk EXO even more now to get that money back! be prepared for Kai breaking another bone. It’s SM we’re talking about, making money is their specialty, they will find a way to get that money back, no matter who they’re going to have to sacrifice

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all Jessica wanted to do was sell sunglasses and get some dick why did they feel this was a valid reason to kick her out of a group she’s worked with for 14+ years??,!,?

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